Babel Finance’s Ethereum Mining Pool Online Now

The Ethereum mining pool under Babel Finance is officially launched today, and the first Ethereum block was dug at block height 10327266 at 16:3 pm Beijing time. The message on the block is “BABELPOOL/HELLO_ETH”.

Babel Finance leave BABELPOOL/HELLO_ETH on its first Ethereum block

“The launch of Ethereum mine pool is only the first step in the exploration of Babel Finance in the mining industry. We will work closely with SparkPool and other mining partners to jointly better serve miner through more financial innovations.” Said Flex Yang, founder and CEO of Babel Finance.

Babel Finance’s Ethereum mining pool will be support technically by SparkPool, a technology-leading comprehensive mining pool and the world’s largest Ethereum mining pool.

The world’s largest Ethereum mining poll SparkPool will provide technical support for Babel Finance

Xu Xin, founder and CEO of SparkPool, said, “I am very pleased to cooperate with Babel Finance and looking forward to more joint exploration in mining finance to protect the future value network together with Babel.



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